Cedar Door Fashion






 A new, rich looking cedar garage door harmonizes with the cedar siding and it’s surrounded by arched trim to echo the portico’s arch. Additional upgrades include a larger front window, bigger dormers, fresh roofing, and a gracious front walk.  This classic Cape-Cod home is all about class and style.  See other Cedar Wood Doors and designs at: www.greatnortherndoor.com 

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Garage Doors in the kitchen

Wait… what? Garage doors in the what? It’s true, folks. For those wanting to easily alternate between eating in a conditioned environment and eating al fresco, the simple choice just might be a garage door in this unlikely location.  (article taken from The Kitchn)

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Detached Garage

This article in Better Homes and Gardens takes a simple garage and makes it fabulous! 

Improve the Basic Detached Garage

Simple and practical, this detached garage represents a style that lives on at millions of homes.

The modest two-car garage is a prime example of how you can make a basic structure better than average. It’s been dressed with a ribbon of brick around its base, shingle siding, hefty white trim, a hint of a pergola along one side, red roof tiles, and an inviting window and flower-filled window box. It’s tidy, cozy, and a quaint hideaway for a car.

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My Garage Door Won’t Open

Have you ever went to press your car remote only to find your garage door will not open?  This, of course, will  happen only when you are in a hurry or it is raining!

In most cases,  when this does happen, you will find your garage door to have a broken garage door spring.  You will be able to see for yourself if your garage door spring is broken by looking up at the header on the inside of your garage, if the coiled spring has a separation, it is broken. 

Garage door springs are under extreme pressure and we highly recommend hiring a professional to do the job.  In most instances a service crew can get to you that day, quickly and efficiently getting your garage door working again. 

The following comment is from an Angie’s List customer.

“Springs snapped at 7:00am on a Wednesday.  Called Aker and arranged an appointment for the afternoon.  The repair man had arrived on time, he was very courteous, professional and skilled. He explained the work prior and was done within an hour.  I am so very  happy!”

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April Showers, Bring May Flowers and Tornadoes

This gallery contains 2 photos.

    With the adoption of the International Building Code, wind load is no longer an issue in many Minnesota cities.  Wind reinforcement requirements are needed for garage doors in Minnesota because of our wind related weather.  Reinforced garage doors are … Continue reading

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Going Green….re use of your garage door.

Sometimes your garage door deserves more than a toss into the dumpster.  If you have a creative mind, and time on your side, you will be surprised the new life you can give to your old garage door.  Below, you see a headboard and dressing screen, made from a 1920’s Barcol garage door.  The original door locks, make up the hangers on the dressing screen.


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My remote lost it’s memory!

Basic Programming Steps

  1. Locate the Learn button.
  • Garage door opener: Located on the back or side of the motor unit (you may have to remove the light lens). The Learn button may be green, orange, red, or purple, with a small LED next to it.
  • Gate operator or commercial door opener: Located on the control or logic board, with a small LED next to it.
  1. Press and release your Learn button.
  2. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the desired button on the remote control.
  3. Press the remote control again when the opener lights blink. The operator or opener should activate. If not, repeat the


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