Tech Savvy LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

liftmaster myq word press

In the world of technology and phone apps, LiftMaster garage door openers are keeping up with the current times.  Being a preferred garage door dealer for LiftMaster openers,  I do admit that when all the internet tech savvy apps started being applied to garage door openers my first response was to say ” Why?”  However, as many things go  – One day when my husband and I returned home from a weekend trip up north he asked, “I wonder if we closed the garage door before we left the cabin?”  (With the cabin 2 hours away, this was not the time to have this thought.)  Then I remembered all I needed was my smart phone and my MYq app.  It would take just a second to answer this question.

Thank You LiftMaster – MYq technology gave my husband and I piece of mind that indeed we did close the garage door!   It brought me back to another time when I thought why I would ever use Siri on my Iphone.  I smiled and laughed.

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